Flying is the innate utopia of dreamers, challenging terrestrial burden. But always are dreams that shape the world. An architect has to learn to fly.
Archésia is imagination and creativity, which merges with rationality and technical knowledge.
This website is the portfolio of people who share this thought and think that architecture is a blending process, in time and space.
People who believe that knowledge of places and respect of “Genius Loci” are crucial to the success of a project, but we need a broader culture, that crosses borders and nurtures cultural exchange.
People sharing the belief that in a project different knowledge merge: city planning, architecture, engineering, design, art and a good project should harmonize technique and imagination.
Never block imagination wings … better fly.
Philosophical Keywords:
Integration and Hybridization,
Contamination and Compatibility
Operational Keywords:
Advanced Analysis,
Bioclimatic Architecture,
BIM – Building Information Modeling