Archesia-The Mill 8

THE MILL / Perugia – Italy / 2012 / Archésia + Giulio Siena

A former mill, inactive for many years, is located in a derelict land of an old village, between the church, the heart of the city, and the park, currently not connected directly to each other. The area is subject to strict constraints. The project wants to respect the memory of the place and solve city planning problems.
The facades of historic building will be preserved, in order to save the identity of the place. New volumes will be built, with contemporary language, and the volume of the mill tower will be recalled.
We decided to treat the front elevation, towards the old town, reinterpreting in a contemporary way the characteristics of the village buildings. The rear elevation, south, plunges in the green with overhangs and terraces fitted with integrated vegetation. The complex will house 15 residential units and 4 shops.