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RECONSTRUTION PLAN / Castelnuovo – San Pio delle Camere, L’Aquila- Italy / 2009-2013 /UNIFI (DICeA+DIDA)

Castelnuovo (San Pio delle Camere -L’Aquila) is an Abruzzo region village destroyed by the earthquake in 2009. The University of Florence (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, scientific coordinators Professors Engineer Andrea Vignoli and Architect Alberto Breschi) on behalf of the Public Administration designed a Reconstruction Plan.
Painstaking survey  and data analysis were necessary, after which an urban scale and a detailed project were submitted. Care was taken to preserve the visual memory of the place, with current technological and compositional solutions and to boost socio-economic development of the territory. For people involved in the project it was a great professional and social experience; from the professional point of view they gained experience in seismic strengthening and also in urban and architectural planning.
Castelnuovo Reconstruction Plan adopted by the Public Administration in December 2011.