Archesia - Factory Residential SPA Centre 14

EX FACTORY TO RESIDENTIAL & SPA CENTRE / Prato – Italy / 2008 / Archésia

San Giusto is a neighborhood on the outskirts of Prato (Tuscany), used to host industries and workshops, today in large part abandoned.
Today the local government is inclined to revitalize the area, also through adaptive reuse of the factories.
Our building is surrounded by public green space, nowadays almost unused, due to neglect, lack of connection with other parks, pedestrians pathways and suitable accessories. The project involves urban renovation and the adaptive reuse of a textile factory.
The building has two parts:
Part A) the original factory, by the world-renowned Engineer/Architect Pier Luigi Nervi. Here a Spa Center will be realized, retaining the “noble skeleton” in full view, under a protective showcase.
Part B) the façade; the structure will be reused and below residential units will be arranged in a way inspired by the Tetris play.
Great care is paid to technological aspects and bioclimatic solutions.