Archesia - Trasimeno Ex Sai

URBAN RENEWAL EX SAI AREA / Passignano sul Trasimeno – Italy / 2009 / Archésia

S.A.I. (Sociatà Aereonautica Italiana) was an aircraft factory founded in 1922 and located in Passignano sul Trasimeno, a little coastal town on Trasimeno lake (Umbria – Italy). The company, renowned across Italy, influenced the socio-economic development of the town and urban sprawl. In 1992 S.A.I. bankrupted and the factory was abandoned.

The project aims to revitalize the factory area and make it attractive for both residents and tourists and, in the same time, to preserve memories of the place with the adaptive reuse of some abandoned building; there will be also an aviation museum, dedicated to the history of the factory. The project is environmentally friendly: care is taken to preserve the natural habitat and to obtain eco-compatible transportation infrastructures.